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The videos below include contributions from FCE researchers and videos created by other media and production companies which feature FCE research. Please see the FCE LTER YouTube page for more videos and the FCE Photos page for photos. The LTER Network site has videos of from other LTER sites and LTER Network activities.

Number of videos = 42

Largest Ecosystem Restoration Project in the World - The Florida Everglades

Periphyton and soil accretion in the Florida Coastal Everglades

Overview of FCE-IV Vegetation and Geomorphic Gradients Working Group

FCE LTER: Using Vegetation Maps to Improve Monitoring Programs

FCE LTER dissolved organic carbon research

Aerial view of Taylor Slough and the L31 canal

Tamiami Trail bridge

Aerial view of SRS-1

Aerial view of SRS-2

Aerial view of TS/Ph-1

Aerial view of TS/Ph-7b

Aerial view of TS/Ph3

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