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The videos below include contributions from FCE researchers and videos created by other media and production companies which feature FCE research. Please see the FCE LTER YouTube page for more videos and the FCE Photos page for photos. The LTER Network site has videos of from other LTER sites and LTER Network activities.

Number of videos = 42

Centella asiatica in Upper Taylor Slough, near TS/Ph 1b

Tour of SRS-4 site

Airboat and periphyton views at SRS-2

Pulsing dynamics and the development of coastal ecosystems facing sea-level rise - 2021 SWS Plenary

Florida Coastal Everglades LTER Site Lightning Talk 2020

FCE Mangrove Soils 🎶

The Everglades through my eyes

Everglades mangrove recovery after Hurricane Irma - #OurBluePlanet, BBC Earth

Planting Trees to Fight Flooding - The New Yorker

NSF-LTER 2018 Symposium - Evelyn Gaiser: Hurricanes as Resilience Builders

Sea Level Rise in the Everglades - Ben Wilson's PhD research

Everglades' carbon and energy balance

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