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James Fourqurean

James Fourqurean

FCE Site Role
Principal Investigator

Florida International University

Biogeochemistry of the coastal ocean, nutrient cycling in the marine environment, primary productivity of aquatic systems, seagrass physiological ecology, ecosystem modeling

FCE Working groups
Biogeochemistry, Primary Production, Trophic Dynamics

  • Contact
    • Mailing address:
    • Southeast Environmental Research Center
    • Florida International University
    • 11200 SW 8th St, OE 148
    • Miami, FL 33199
  • Recent FCE Leveraged Projects
    Seagrass monitoring in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary

    Authors: Fourqurean, J.W.
    Funding organization: EPA
    Time period: 2016 - 2020

    The south Florida inventory and monitoring internship

    Authors: Fourqurean, J.W.
    Funding organization: National Park Service - Department of the Interior
    Time period: 2016 - 2020