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Stephen Davis

Stephen Davis

FCE Site Role
Project Collaborator

Everglades Foundation

Aquatic ecosystem ecology with an emphasis on understanding the biotic and abitoic factors shaping ecosystem structure and function

FCE Working groups
Abiotic Resources & Stressors, Vegetation, Detritus & Microbes, Hydrologic Connectivity

  • Recent FCE Leveraged Projects
    The effects of projected sea-level rise on Everglades coastal ecosystems: Enhancing and continuing experiments to evaluate peat collapse and landscape vulnerability

    Authors: Troxler, T., J. Kominoski, E.E. Gaiser, F.H. Sklar, D.T. Rudnick, S.E. Davis
    Funding organization: Florida Sea Grant, NOAA
    Time period: 01 Feb 2018 - 01 Feb 2021

  • Recent FCE Presentations

    Lamb-Wotton, L., T. Troxler, C. Coronado-Molina, and S.E. Davis. 2023. Hydrogeomorphic condition indicates alternate stable states in a non-tidal, brackish marsh of the Florida Coastal Everglades. Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation (CERF) Conference, Portland, Oregon, November 14, 2023.