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Welcome to the Diatom Image Database! The Periphyton Group at Florida International University created and maintains the Diatom Image Database, which includes over 980 diatom taxa found in the greater Everglades region of south Florida. Please send questions or comments about the Diatom Image Database to Franco Tobias .

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Amphora coffeaeformis var. aponina

(Kutzing) Archibald & Schoeman
Archibald, R.E.M. & Schoeman, F.R. (1984). Amphora coffeaformis (Agardh) Kützing: a revision of the species under light and electron microscopy. S. Afr. Jour. Bot., 3 (2), Pg. 95, Figs 71-74;
Amphora aponina (Kutzing, 1844)
Ecological Preference:
It differs from nominative variety by being more linear-lanceolate and having length:breadth ratio for speciments of an equivalent length greaten than in A. coffeaformis. Valve length 15-35µm, breadth 3.2-4.5µm, dorsal striae 20-25 in 10µm, ventral striae 30-35 in 10µm.
Found at all sampling locations; most abundant in coastal mangrove sites with salinity ranging between 15 - 20ppt and water depth < 0.5m.
  • Southeast Florida Coastal Mangroves
  • Florida Bay Paleo Project

  • Sample localities:
  • Florida Bay