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Everglades Landscape Model (ELM) Code and Documentation

At a Glance

(Zip file containing 3 files)

Authors: H. Fitz
Time period: 1980-01-01 to 2050-12-31
Package id: knb-lter-fce.1238.2

How to cite:
Fitz, H.. 2022. Everglades Landscape Model (ELM) Code and Documentation. Environmental Data Initiative. Dataset accessed 2024-02-26.

Geographic Coverage
This data set contains the following files.

ELM v2.8.4 source code, scripts, input data, including Doxygen-generated hyperlinked source code documentation.

Readme that is also included in the tar archive, describes basic steps to installing ELM on unix system

Complete documentation of ELM v2.8.4, chapters include data, code, performance, user's guide

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Detailed Metadata

  • Dataset Abstract
    The Everglades Landscape Model (ELM) is an application instance of the generalized Ecological Landscape Modeling code package. For applications within the Florida Coastal Everglades (FCE) LTER, the ELM is one of the simulation modeling tools used to a) explore hypotheses of ecosystem processes in heterogenous spatial landscapes, b) extrapolate field-scale research findings across space and time, and c) predict the evolution of the Everglades landscape in response to plausible future scenarios. For ELM v.2.8.3-4, the 2 zip-archive packages here contains 1a) all (C) source code and unix (Bourne) shell scripts used to build and run the ELM (& includes Doxygen-generated hyperlinked source code documentation of every file/function/struct/parameter), 1b) all Everglades-specific input data used in historical (1981-2000) simulations; and 2) a complete documentation report with chapters including the Introduction&Goals, Model Data, Model Structure, Model Performance, and Model User's Guide. The ELM is being applied and updated routinely. Such updated information can be found at .
  • Geographic Coverage
    Bounding Coordinates
    N: 25.7463, S: 25.7463, E: -80.654, W: -80.654

    N: 25.54972811, S: 25.54972811, E: -80.78520692, W: -80.78520692

    N: 25.46820617, S: 25.46820617, E: -80.85327617, W: -80.85327617

    N: 25.40976421, S: 25.40976421, E: -80.96431016, W: -80.96431016

    N: 25.37702258, S: 25.37702258, E: -81.03234716, W: -81.03234716

    N: 25.36462994, S: 25.36462994, E: -81.07794623, W: -81.07794623

    N: 25.42388762, S: 25.42388762, E: -80.59029790000001, W: -80.59029790000001

    N: 25.43857602, S: 25.43857602, E: -80.59027402, W: -80.59027402

    N: 25.40357188, S: 25.40357188, E: -80.60690341, W: -80.60690341

    N: 25.25240534, S: 25.25240534, E: -80.66271768, W: -80.66271768

    N: 25.21418102, S: 25.21418102, E: -80.6490792, W: -80.6490792

    N: 25.21609115, S: 25.21609115, E: -80.65101654, W: -80.65101654

    N: 25.19080491, S: 25.19080491, E: -80.63910514, W: -80.63910514

    N: 25.19676203, S: 25.19676203, E: -80.64207766, W: -80.64207766

    N: 25.23269749, S: 25.23269749, E: -80.52455665, W: -80.52455665

    N: 25.17692874, S: 25.17692874, E: -80.48978207, W: -80.48978207

    Greater Everglades, continuous spatial landscape of model-domain's irregular polygon within this bounding rectangle. Does not including the major urban and ag regions within this rectangle.
    N: 26.7020565056, S: 25.0426015137, E: -80.1884316177, W: -81.2703220167

  • Distribution and Intellectual Rights
    Intellectual Rights
    This information is released under the Creative Commons license - Attribution - CC BY ( The consumer of these data ("Data User" herein) is required to cite it appropriately in any publication that results from its use. The Data User should realize that these data may be actively used by others for ongoing research and that coordination may be necessary to prevent duplicate publication. The Data User is urged to contact the authors of these data if any questions about methodology or results occur. Where appropriate, the Data User is encouraged to consider collaboration or co-authorship with the authors. The Data User should realize that misinterpretation of data may occur if used out of context of the original study. While substantial efforts are made to ensure the accuracy of data and associated documentation, complete accuracy of data sets cannot be guaranteed. All data are made available "as is." The Data User should be aware, however, that data are updated periodically and it is the responsibility of the Data User to check for new versions of the data. The data authors and the repository where these data were obtained shall not be liable for damages resulting from any use or misinterpretation of the data. Thank you.

  • Keywords
    FCE LTER, Florida Coastal Everglades LTER, LTER, ecosystem processes, model, landscape change, hydrology, soil properties, biogeochemical processes, simulation
  • Dataset Contact
    • Position: FCE LTER Information Manager
    • Address: Institute of Environment
      Florida International University
      Miami, FL 33199