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Jenny Richards

FCE Site Role
Project Collaborator

Florida International University

Everglades wetland plant community structure, phenotypic plasticity of wetland species, Everglades plant community invasibility, sawgrass (Cladium jamaicense) reproductive biology and population genetics, sedge spikelet structure and evolution, spikerush (Eleocharis cellulosa) morphology and population biology

FCE Working groups
Primary Production

  • Contact
    • Mailing address:
    • Department of Biological Sciences
    • Florida International University
    • 11200 SW 8th St, OE 167
    • Miami, FL 33199
  • Recent FCE Presentations

    Troxler, T., B.J. Wilson, F.H. Sklar, S.P. Charles, J. Kominoski, E.E. Gaiser, C. Coronado-Molina, S.P. Kelly, S.E. Davis, K. Ishtiaq, J.H. Richards and D. Gann. 2019. Responses of marsh ecosystems to coastal change in the Southeastern Florida Everglades. Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation 25th Biennial Conference, Mobile, Alabama, November 4, 2019.

    Richards, J.H.. 2019. Patterns of vegetation change in Northeast Shark River Slough, 2010-2016. Greater Everglades Ecosystem Restoration Meeting, Coral Springs, Florida, April 23, 2019.