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Daniel Gann

Daniel Gann

FCE Site Role
Project Collaborator

Florida International University

Spatial and temporal scaling aspects of plant community ecology. Detection of vegetation patterns using remote sensing methods.

FCE Working groups
Vegetation & Geomorphic Gradients, Hydrologic Connectivity

  • Contact
    • Mailing address:
    • Department of Biological Sciences
    • Florida International University
    • 11200 SW 8th St
    • Miami, FL 33199
  • Recent FCE Leveraged Projects
    Development of an instrument for student and faculty research on Multimodal Environmental Observations

    Authors: Rishe, N., D. Gann, T.A. Crowl, L. Sitharama, V. Shahin
    Funding organization: National Science Foundation
    Time period: 01 Oct 2020 - 30 Sep 2025

    Detecting vegetation change along ENP Boundary areas

    Authors: Gann, D., J.H. Richards
    Funding organization: Everglades National Park
    Time period: 03 Jul 2017 - 30 Sep 2022

    Monitoring of tree island condition in the southern Everglades

    Authors: Sah, J., M.S. Ross, D. Gann
    Funding organization: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
    Time period: 01 Oct 2019 - 30 Sep 2022

    Algorithm development to detect seasonal changes in submerged aquatic and emergent vegetation using a combination of multi-spectral satellite data and water-depth estimates

    Authors: Gann, D.
    Funding organization: South Florida Water Management District
    Time period: 01 Jan 2019 - 01 Jan 2022

    Optimization of LiDAR data processing algorithms for wetland graminoid marsh and prairie vegetation

    Authors: Gann, D., P.C. Olivas, J.H. Richards, S. Wdowinski, K. Zhang
    Funding organization: National Park Service - Department of the Interior
    Time period: 15 May 2018 - 31 May 2020