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Keqi Zhang

Keqi Zhang

FCE Site Role
Project Collaborator

Florida International University

Airborne LIDAR mapping, 3D visualization, GIS, hurricane vulnerability, and coastal erosion

FCE Working groups
Climate & Disturbance Legacies

  • Contact
    • Mailing address:
    • International Hurricane Center
    • Florida International University
    • 11200 SW 8th St, MARC 360
    • Miami, FL 33199
  • Recent FCE Leveraged Projects
    Optimization of LiDAR data processing algorithms for wetland graminoid marsh and prairie vegetation

    Authors: Gann, D., P.C. Olivas, J.H. Richards, S. Wdowinski, K. Zhang
    Funding organization: National Park Service - Department of the Interior
    Time period: 15 May 2018 - 31 May 2020

    RAPID: Hurricane Irma: How do ecosystem perturbations interact to influence long-term resilience mechanisms?

    Authors: Gaiser, E.E., M.R. Heithaus, K. Zhang, T. Troxler, J. Kominoski
    Funding organization: National Science Foundation
    Time period: Dec 2017 - Dec 2019